Editorial - 6/17/13

Illegal immigration.  Our nation now hosts an estimated 11-million illegals.  Yes, illegal, not "unauthorized," as the PC-cuddle-bunnies prefer.  Parking in a fire-station drive-way is unauthorized.  Jumping our border without official permission is illegal. Estimates for those in Georgia and South Carolina vary, but, around 400,000 for the former, and about 80,000 in the latter.

The PC-addled leaders in D.C. have, now, slapped-on rental-spines to attack this national issue head-on, that is, until someone gets pouty.  Years ago, a past-Congress authorized, and funded, a double-fence, to run the length of our southern-border.  Then the following, love-is-all-you-need Congress, decided to counter Robert Frost, deciding that fences don't make good neighbors, after all, and the funding vaporized.  Whereas completing that solid, southern-border fence is clearly the invasion-stopping priority, now, contrary-thinking has us, instead, granting temp-legal status to those illegals  here (amnesty with training-wheels), then later, consider that fence thing, if ever, as the parade north continues.  The same flatulent-180-thinking that gave us "we have to pass it, to see what's in it," with the cram-down  Unaffordable Care Act.

The G.A.O. admits we fail to capture almost 40% of those who illegally-enter, despite wide-spread use of sensors, drones, and Dick Tracy decoder-rings.   Fact remains, keeping illegals out to begin with, makes far more sense than chasing them. For that reason, the very first step must be to complete that fence, firmly-plugging our porous border.  Only then, is it time to deal with provisional-status for those here.  Be sure your two-state D.C. representatives know how you feel on this issue.  And by the way, regarding illegals stepping from the shadows to register, why would they trust our government, now, when even a majority of Americans no longer do!