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Vacant HHI hotel annex to be renovated

Metropolitan Hotel's vacant annex Metropolitan Hotel's vacant annex

After years of complaining about the vacant building owned by the Metropolitan Hotel in the Forest Beach section of Hilton Head Island, property owners may finally get what they want.

On Monday, the manager of the hotel said that the owners are taking steps towards remodeling the hotel and its vacant annex building.

The building was once a beautiful addition to that section of the island, but not anymore. Wires are hanging out of the walls, and rotted wood, graffiti, and trash has completely taken its beauty away.

"Expect changes, positive changes," said Chris Roberts, Metropolitan Hotel manager.

According to Roberts, the owners have partnered with a company called New California Hotel Corporation to renovate both the hotel and the annex. They're going to turn the annex into housing for foreign students on work visas during the summer, and the property will be renamed The Coligny Beach Resort.

"It is just what the city wants, what the owners want, and what the guests needs," said Roberts. "We're really excited about it."

Council members are excited too, even though formal plans haven't been submitted yet.

"We received a letter from some financial people and a developer for the Metropolitan Hotel with the concept of upgrading it," said Councilman George Williams. "When a group writes a letter to town officials and everyone saying this is what our plans are, it's much more positive."

Residents are happy to hear that the owners are going to fix the building up, but they say they've been hearing that for years, so they're still skeptical.

But Roberts stands firm in his statement that changes are coming. He said the owners hope to have both buildings completed by next summer. 

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