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Ga. officials weigh in on Supreme Court Arizona decision

Lester Jackson Lester Jackson

A recent Supreme Court decision could have a huge impact on the voting process in the state of Georgia.

On Monday, the highest court in the land struck down an Arizona law requiring voters to prove their citizenship in order to participate in federal elections. The 7-2 vote the Supreme Court decided the 2004 Arizona law violates the 1993 National Voter Registration Act.

State Senator Lester Jackson said he agrees with the decision. He believes those who are in the country illegally are not trying to claim they are citizens and vote. Instead, he believes those people are more focused on finding work and making opportunities for their families.

"People who are not U.S. citizens really know they're not U.S. citizens and they're here to work and find a pathway to citizenship," he said.

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp disagrees. He said he is upset with the Court's decision, and this will have huge implications for Georgia, which has a similar law to Arizona's.

"I mean certainly it's going to affect how we're going to deal with the federal voter registration form and I think the jury's still out I think a lot of the states are saying they'll still be able to do the citizenship test on state forms," he said.

Kemp also said his team will look into the legal ramifications of the decision and decide the next step within a few days.

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