Finding Nimmo

Finding Nimmo

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - People have taken odd paths to accomplish their dreams but few quite as odd as Savannah Sand Gnat's center fielder Brandon Nimmo.

"We're not just out there swinging ice fishing poles. We're playing ball and we're playing at a high level, so it was a great experience for us," said Brandon Nimmo.

When the New York Mets drafted Nimmo in the first round of the 2011 draft he became the first player from the state of Wyoming taken that high a state that doesn't even play high school baseball.

So while most ballplayers are in mid-season form by March Nimmo and his hometown teammates hadn't even hit the field having to wait until the summer season.

"I didn't really feel like it took anything away from me. It's just people, you know, thought differently of it. But really, you don't want to be playing baseball in Wyoming in February or March. It's icy, it gets cold, it's not going to feel very good to hit the ball. It really wasn't that big of a handicap," said Nimmo.

So how did Nimmo manage to play throughout the cold winters in Wyoming? His dad built him and his older brother a barn from scratch.

"He built it so that we could work out in it, pretty much during my brother's senior year. Had it built, it was 60-feet by 40-feet. Had a hitting cage in it, had a pitching machine, l-screen. We put some turf in there, so it was the real deal. We put a heater in there a couple years after when we decided that we were tired of hitting in the cold," he said

The transition from a small town in Wyoming to the Hostess City?

"Yeah, I grew up in a town of about 60,000. Yeah, Savannah is a lot bigger, but Savannah is pretty spread out. This is definitely my comfort zone playing here in Savannah. I think Savannah is a great city, it's absolutely beautiful and I've had nothing but great experiences here so far," said Brandon Nimmo.

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