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Bikers ask city for better accommodations


On Thursday morning, the Chatham Area Transit and the city of Savannah partnered with the Savannah Bicyclist Campaign for National Dump the Pump Day. This is the fifth year the city has taken part in the nationwide effort, encouraging people to save on fuel and participate in alternative modes of transportation.

The challenge matched up cyclist, a public bus, and a car at the Twelve Oakes Shopping Plaza on Abercorn. The three took a five mile route to City Hall on Bay Street to see which could make the trip the fastest

Jen Colestock represented the cycling community in the event and proved that bikes are better when she won making the trip during the morning rush in just 14 minutes. A biker has won the challenge all five years.

According to new study, car ownership among young adults is in the U.S. is dropping. The younger crowd is more attracted to "walkable" and "bikeable" cities. However, these cyclist that are serious about using cleaner transportation what to make sure that their investments are in good condition to keep riding.

"I know that a large complaint for a lot of people that do not have the ability to store their bike indoors during the work day or even the school day is that a lot of the bike parking around here is unprotected by the elements. It sort of rusts the bike up and keeps it from being in tune," Colestock said just shortly after crossing the finish line.

Steps are being made in the right direction. Mayor Edna Jackson said during a speech outside city hall that the city is working to provide more bike paths and becoming more biker friendly. As for those who are not ready to hit the pavement, the CAT transit is considered to be a good option and a great way to multi task.

Bill Broker, the CAT representative in the race, said, "I read the newspaper, checked my emails messages, sent a couple of texts, and had a great conversation with the other people on the bus. So whether I came in first second or third, I think I won."

A research group found that in the last eight years the number of passenger miles traveled on public transits increased by 40 percent.

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