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Editorial - 6/24/13

Thankfully beyond Georgia and South Carolina, portions of our nation are sliding down the coal-chute to oblivion.  Once known as the home of the brave, land of the free, were it not for the unquestioned-courage of our military, America might become, instead, the weakened home of the self-serving, in the land of the intimidated, corrupt, and once-free.  Those now driving the nation's train, don't seem to share the destination desired by genuine-patriots.  From Benghazi to the IRS, political-manipulation shields and oppresses, while transforming our citizenry from those who make a living by working, to those who prefer to simply vote for a living, in this fools-gold, fairy-land of increased hand-outs, and diminished freedoms.    

Going from major to minor lunacy, a spoiled rapper, made wealthy by American opportunity, disdainfully walked on our sacred-flag, while recording an anti-America music video.  A Congressman claims that publicized-pictures of wanted-terrorists encourages "profiling," as if protecting American lives and limbs isn't paramount.  A northern professor says conservatives oppose abortion solely to protect white supremacy.  So far, tax-payers, here, haven't had to underwrite such brainless-bloviating.  And speaking of bellowing like a Guernsey in need of attention, ignoring the obvious hand of the Almighty, another prof concludes that, were Lincoln alive, he'd repeat history and stop climate-change, calling it the "moral issue of our time."  Stupidity on a stick.  Today's true moral issue is dishonesty, intimidation, and government-run-amuck, all designed to erode our freedoms.  Can this destructive-wave of corruptive-foolishness be stopped?  Yes, if decency, responsibility, and common sense re-emerge in 2014 and 16.  If not, our slide from God-given liberty, to oppressive-oblivion, appears inevitable.     


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