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Dougherty County school board members approve pay raise


Dougherty County school board members want to give themselves a 300% raise.

Wednesday, they voted 4 to 3 to raise their stipend from $250 to $1,000 a month.  The General Assembly will have to approve the request.

School board member Darrel Ealum presented the proposal, saying the increase is long overdue.

"When you look at other school systems that are of equal size and equal number of students, they're up around 1,000. And that's why I recommended each school board member be compensated 1,000 a month because that's equality throughout the state," said Ealum.

Ealum says it's only fair that the school system is in line with the city and county.  "I'd pick that you want your strongest board and your strongest system to be your school system. So it's equitable, it's fair and it's what we should do," said Ealum.

Carol Tharin, Lane Price and Robert Youngblood voted against the increase, saying it's not the right time.

"With the financial's in the condition that they're in and the multiple needs that we have in the school system, it seemed to me that the timing was not correct," said Price.

"We're trying to cut furlough days and we've had money we had to pay back on title one and various things and so it's just not good timing right now," said Tharin.

The increase would give the co-chairman $1,100 dollars a month and the chairman $1,200.

If the General Assembly approves it the increase will go into effect next July.


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