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Editorial Salute - 6/27/13

Not the best of news, collectively, for the Fort Stewart family, which means all of us.  The Federal budget reduction act, passed before, and, important to note, in addition to the subsequent sequestration, has forced the Army to reduce its future end-strength by about 80,000 troops, most visibly, for now, through the elimination of 12 Brigade Combat Teams by 2017, 10 of which will come out of the hides of our domestic Army posts.  To include Fort Stewart, which will be losing one BCT.  Although some battalion heavy-up may be anticipated, to partially compensate for the decrease in head-count, the loss of those great soldiers and their families will certainly be felt in coming years, especially by our good friends in Hinesville, as well as within  other surrounding communities, including Savannah. 

Into our individual lives, sad news falls, as well.  Kimberly Webster, wife of former Third Infantry Division Commander, Lieutenant-General (retired) William Glenn Webster, passed away last Saturday.  Whereas, without question, General Webster served our great nation as a bright, skilled, inspiring, and personable commander, as he still does in retirement, the very same, and more, can be said about his dear-wife Kimberly.  She was truly gifted; blessed with genuine warmth, charm, grace, and a welcoming-smile, always at the ready.  Beyond her deep love and caring for her family, and  friends, as the daughter of a career, senior Army officer, Kimberly simply loved the Army, loved our courageous-soldiers, making her the perfect companion for her nation-serving husband, both, long, a rising-star couple in America's great Army.  Swept from our midst far too soon, Kimberly Webster will be sorely missed by all whom she so-sincerely touched, both here and around the nation.  

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