STATEMENT: Student loans rates expiring

STATEMENT: Student loans rates expiring

Here is the statement from Senator Scott:

"Every student deserves access to a high quality education. Students who want to pursue a college degree shouldn't have to wait for Washington to set another arbitrary interest rate on their loans. I support legislation that saves money for students and bases interest rates on the market, rather than what Congress says, and I've already voted for a bill that does just that. This is a step in the right direction for borrowers and for taxpayers. I am hopeful that we will soon move forward with a bi-partisan solution to ensure that any student who wants to earn a college degree can afford to do so." – Senator Tim Scott

Here the statement from Chambliss:

"I believe that Congress should work together to prevent student loan interest rates from doubling because all students should have the opportunity to receive higher education. A bi-partisan group of Senators has introduced the Student Loan Certainty Act, which will lower interest rates on 100% of all new student loans after July 1.

I am encouraged by this bill and look forward to the Senate taking it up to ensure student loan interest rates do not double."