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"Lock It or Lose It" campaign started to prevent car break-ins

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A rash of car break-ins has one Savannah community on high alert.

The Kensington Park Community Association is on a mission to stop the crime in their neighborhood.

The sound of peace and the feeling of safety is what you get when you step into this midtown community. But when the sun goes down, peace and safety disappears according to the folks who live here.

"Kensington Park has seen an increase in car break-ins within the last couple of months." said Pam Miller, President of the Kensington Park Community Association.

According to Miller there have been more than 10 car break-ins and at least 3 homes burglarized in the past two months.

With the help of Savannah-Chatham Metro Police, the association has started a new campaign.

They're telling folks to "Lock It or Lose It."

"We've put yard signs all over the neighborhood. We've also passed out flyers, and we've actually increased our area, not just Kensington Park. We've done the entire perimeter. We feel like if we can keep these criminals from coming into our neighborhood, then they're going to get frustrated and they're going to leave and these crimes will stop." said Miller.

To avoid becoming the next victim the association says residents should keep their car doors locked at all times, remove any extra set of keys from you car, make sure you remove your valuble items from the car, and double check to make sure your car is locked before going to bed at night.

"This is probably one of the safer neighborhoods in Savannah so to see this kind of crime is something we want to stop. We want to nip it in the bud." said Miller.

It seems like this new campaign is working.

According to Miller, someone was arrested this past Friday after a neighbor caught them trying to break into the car next door.

If you notice someone acting suspicious in your neighborhood, call the police.

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