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Editorial - 7/01/13

A Treasury Department Inspector-General audit indicates that, in 2011, the IRS sent almost 24,000 refunds, worth almost $46-million, to residents of Atlanta.  However, reports columnist, Terence Jeffrey, seems those millions were sent to just one Atlanta address!  And, apparently, all listed at that one address, were illegal-alien workers, possessing the necessary Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers.  Millions more sent to three other Atlanta addresses, along with singular-address mailings in other states, said the audit report.  Aside from the whole illegal-entry mess, which continues to be a political piñata, not-to-be-whacked, how could so much, be sent to so few addresses, without someone in charge noticing?  It is a huge bureaucracy, clearly communication-and-control deficient; with inadequate oversight.    

But, might a possible contributing-factor also have been, revealed by recent allegations, the distraction caused by intense, even intrusive, scrutiny of tax-exempt-status applications from conservative organizations?  Initially blamed, on rogue IRS personnel in Cincinnati, like a deflecting, rogue video was blamed for the Benghazi murders, appears the driving-force was, in fact, in D.C., not Southeast Ohio.  The American Center for Law and Justice has, now, filed suit against the IRS, claiming that selective foot-dragging was a (quote); "pervasive and damaging, unconstitutional scheme."  The Reverend Franklin Graham wrote that the intimidation-targeting was (quote):  "morally wrong, unethical, indeed, some would call it, ‘un-American.' "  With much repair-work to be done, it's sad that IRS leadership allowed itself to be led-off the public-credibility-pathway into a fetching-meadow, now overcome with the noxious-air of sun-baked, partisan-pasture-pies.  

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