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Savannah-Chatham Campus Police Officers hit by cuts


Big changes are happening immediately for resource officers with the Savannah-Chatham County Public School Campus Police Department. Some are worried they won't get a paycheck this month because of the changes.

When the school board approved their 2014 budget last week, it included cuts in the campus police budget and a change to the pay structure for about 20 campus police officers. Instead of working 260 days, they now work a schedule similar to teachers and administrators, where they work 219 days with 10 paid vacation days and a summer break.

The problem is, teachers and administrators who work less than 260 days have a payment system where they accrue pay to cover the summer months.

The officers had no warning and the district had no plan in place for this sudden change.

As of Monday, those officers are on break and not getting paid. The school district now tells WTOC they are dealing with a start-up process for switching over their resource safety officers and trying to come up with a formula to make sure they do get a paycheck July 15 and the end of the month. They will, however, return to work on July 15, but there is a two week gap where because of this budget change, they might not get paid.

"We certainly value these individuals and want to work with them to ensure they will in fact be covered throughout the summer months so they will have pay," Kurt Hetager, SCCPSS spokesman, told WTOC. "We are looking at some formulas in the process, no different than a teacher accrues pay and revenue throughout the school year, so they continue to draw a paycheck throughout the summer months."

Anyone under a 260 workday calendar is set up to have equal payments throughout the entire year. So those off during the summer break continue to draw a paycheck. The school district is working, they say, to figure out how to make sure officers get paid, whether it's through unused vacation time, or other solutions.

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