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Restore the Fourth rally held outside City Hall

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Restore the Fourth protesters are staging a rally against NSA surveillance. The rally kicked off Thursday afternoon in front of Savannah's City Hall. 

Protesters plan to rally around the U.S. on Thursday, to demonstrate opposition to sweeping National Security Agency surveillance program. 

The protesters' central demands are to ask Congress to enact reform of the PATRIOT Act. 

Organizers said the PATRIOT Act has been used as legal justification for surveillance programs. Participants want a special committee to investigate the extent of the spying programs and to form a committee that will hold public officials accountable in preventing the use of unconstitutional surveillance programs. 

Many say their participation in restore the fourth stems from concern over excessive governmental power implied by the spying programs. 

"They have increasing been encroaching on domestic surveillance to the point Americans communication with other Americans.  This is against their own charter it is also unconstitutional. The Fourth Amendment guarantees our right against unwarranted and unreasonable search and seized and that includes the search of data and information," said Silvia Wilma, who's protesting at the rally. 

The protests are being organized under a newly hatched organization called Restore the Fourth, named for constitutionally guaranteed protection against illegal search and seizure under the Fourth Amendment.

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