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An early morning homecoming for Fort Stewart soldiers


Hundreds gathered at Fort Stewart early Sunday morning waiting for their personal heros to arrive. 

Daleessa Caffee and her family waited a year for this moment. 

"Yeah it feels good to be back, after so long to see my friends and my family, and my son here to support me. I couldn't be happier," said Daleesa Caffee. 

It's moments like this full of hugs, kisses, and tears of joy that makes the sacrifice worth it. 

"This is my 16 month old baby. Say hi Jakory, say hi. He's in shock right now, he hasn't seen me in a little bit," said Caffee. But family isn't the only thing these brave men and women missed. "The first thing Im going to do is probably go and get some McDonalds because I'm well over do," she said.

"Missed grass, missed trees. Tired of dust," said Jonathan Heffner. 

The thought that they might be deployed again sits in the back of their minds, but like Heffner and Caffee said, they're going to enjoy this moment. Let the smiles shine bright on their faces.

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