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Senior Active: Mary DeLoach

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Mary DeLoach Mary DeLoach

Mary DeLoach has a perfectly good reason for showing up to work.

"I mean,'' she says, "what else is there to do?''

At the age of 86, DeLoach continues to work eight hours a day, five days a week at the Northspring Assisted Living facility in Claxton, taking care of residents who are often younger than she is, but rarely blessed with DeLoach's ageless energy.

"We do whatever they need,'' says DeLoach, who moved from Savannah to Reidsville in 1996. "They wear beepers and if they need something special they beep us.  We serve refreshments in the afternoon and do our regular duties. And at dinner time, we serve dinner and clean up the kitchen. Then usually pass out meds and give baths, showers and assist them to go to bed.''

DeLoach once worked for the construction company that built the Oglethorpe Mall and was the first woman employee of the Garden City Police Department.

In the three years she has worked at Northspring, she has become an important part of residents lives, and them of hers.

"When you do this type of work, it grows on you. I mean you get to interact with other people and you just get attached to them,'' says DeLoach. "When I walk in, there are smiles on their faces and when you say hello , they greet you back with smiles.''

On days when DeLoach doesn't work, she's equally active with yard work, housework and the occasional unexpected hobby.

"My daughter and son-in-law took me vacationing to Key West last year and I went parasailing,'' says DeLoach. "They all thought that was something. But Ii said if I had the chance, I'd do it again. I'm not one to just sit down and twiddle my thumbs. At home I find something to do. In fact, there's always something to do. The main thing I can say is, as long as you're able, stay busy and keep active.''

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