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Business ID stolen in timeshare scheme


Guyton resident Kathy Shearhouse got taken, to the tune of $5,000, by a company claiming to be arranging to sell her Myrtle Beach timeshare.

A supposed representative of the Tampa company, All About Title, told her she owed back taxes, a title transfer fee and a title search fee.

He emailed her official-looking documents. Shearhouse wired him the money. She says he promised her two $500 gift cards for her troubles, "plus a whole week's vacation anywhere I wanted to go with all about titles. That was their company. And also when I checked all about titles, there is a true company out there called that, but it's not them.

WTOC tracked down that company. The real owner of All About Titles says someone stole her good name.

"They've actually created an email account, All About Titles at Gmail dot com," company owner Jennifer Davila said. "They've gone so far as to open up numbers for all about titles through metro PCS. They've created a bogus letterhead that shows our company name and our company address, so that if anybody Googles it up, the first thing you see is the address and the name."

The company even has a notary seal, also fake.

"I'm a small company," Davila said. "I don't have a website. So it's not like I can report the fraudulent activity using my website."

Western Union isn't refunding Shearhouse's money. She has reported the crime to the Effingham County Sheriff's Office, but they believe the outfit to be overseas.

Davila says she's heard the same thing from all 15 victims who contacted her -- no one believes there's anything they can do.

"I feel even more frustrated about the fact that nobody seems to want to help out, or do their part in stopping these individuals," said Davila.

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