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Editorial Salute - 7/11/13

After a year in theater, the Army's 3rd Infantry Division now begins the transition from often-hostile Afghanistan to Georgia's welcoming arms.  Led so effectively during this past year's deployment, by "Marne-6," the call-sign of Major-General Robert "Abe" Abrams, portions of the headquarters team finally arrived back at Fort Stewart this week, the Division colors now home.  The remainder of the headquarters company personnel will be arriving back in the weeks ahead, as will the other Division units, returning sequentially, as they deployed, until we, eventually, have all of the 3rd home again at Fort Stewart, Hunter, and Fort Benning. 

Following on the heels of July 4th, along with all of our multi-branch military members, present and past, these courageous men and women of the 3rd ID have served and sacrificed, across generations, to keep us both independent and free, in that honored tradition, dating back to their steadfast, name-sake, stand at the Marne River in World War I, and continuing with heroism and honor, to this very day and beyond.  The Marne Division is a storied one, leaving the residents of our region with the privilege and pride of calling this legacy fighting-force our own.  

With heartfelt thanks, for yet another deployment-mission so well executed, and, as with all, during this past decade-plus of persistent-conflict, achieved under strenuous, dangerous, and costly circumstances.  Welcome home, General Abrams and your entire leadership team.  We eagerly await the return of all our Marne soldiers during the weeks and months ahead.

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