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Vehicle crashes into Ridgeland home

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A Ridgeland family saw a lot more than fireworks on their Fourth of July. Someone crashed into their house and then took off.

Homeowner Lyman Malphrus, 85, built the house with his own bare hands for his eight children. After what happened, they're just trying to pick up the pieces and move on.

A makeshift wall will replace part of Malphrus' kitchen. He says he was asleep when it happened.

"At about 8 p.m., I woke up. Somebody had come into the kitchen, the hard way," he said. 

The hard way is an understatement.

"When the vehicle hit the wall, he knocked it in about maybe two and a half, three feet," said Joseph Malphrus, Lyman's son.
The impact ripped off all the cabinets, and broke all of the dishes inside.

"There were no vehicle parts left, just red paint on the bricks," said Leila Bolton, Lyman's daughter.

She couldn't believe what happened.

"Words can't express what's going through your mind," she said.

The family estimates it will cost roughly $30,000 to replace the damage, and what's worse, the house is no long covered under insurance. The house was a labor of love for Lyman Malphrus, who built it in 1965.

"All the kids grew up here, four girls and four boys," said Lyman Malphrus.

"How can someone run into a house, back out and leave without saying a word? It's just beyond me," said Bolton.

The family is going to be working hard to get everything fixed as soon as possible. They filed a report with the Jasper County Sheriff's Office, but so far no leads have come in.

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