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Flooding causes problems in Hampton Co.


Flooding is causing a lot of trouble for Hampton County residents, especially those who live on Pond Town Road.

They have to park their cars at the top of the street because the dirt road has been destroyed by the rainfall.

Fred Brodus has lived on the road for nearly six years, he said every time it rains the dirt road becomes a mud pit.

"It's ridiculous man. Something got to be done," said Brodus.

Hampton County has received more than 30 inches of rain since June 10, forcing the county to close down many of their dirt roads. The county hasn't closed Pond Town Road because they don't own it. It belongs to a local man named Harry Cohen Jr.  

Brodus said Cohen refuses to do anything about the road.

"The homeowners that's in this area has went out and rented equipment to try to fix the road to where it's at right now, and this is makeshift," said Brodus. "God knows where it's going to end up when it rains again."

WTOC tried contacting Cohen, but he did not return our calls.

County officials say they're willing to fix the road if Cohen will let them, according to Brodus.

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