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Flooding cause trouble for residents in local neighborhoods

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(Image Source: WTOC viewer) (Image Source: WTOC viewer)
(Image Source: WTOC viewer) (Image Source: WTOC viewer)

Folks all around our area are cleaning up after recent flooding caused quite a mess in some neighborhoods.

Here are some pictures that were sent into our 24 hours newsroom of Graydon Street off Waters Avenue in Downtown Savannah. Residents there say the area floods fairly often.

Thankfully water levels have gone down on Sunday.

We spoke with one resident who says she's dealt with flooding all her life despite the city's effort to try and solve the problem.

"They've been around here, even when the street was a dirt street. They had the street dug up and laid new pipes. They just got done laying some new pipes down there on live oak, but it still flooded," said resident Carolyn Walker.

Walker says the water usually recedes within just a few minutes and all the houses in the neighborhood are built up on stilts to try to avoid damage from the flooding waters.

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