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Editorial - 7/15/13

Because too many Congressional-members failed to get off their self-over-nation, political-back-sides to pass a budget, America's Defense Department civilian employees are now being served a government-catered, steaming-hot slice of farm-fresh Guernsey pie.  Last week began the imposed eleven, weekly furlough-days for most DoD civilians, including those at Fort Stewart, Hunter, MCAS-Beaufort, and other Georgia/South Carolina installations.   Making matters worse, hundreds of full-time Army and Air Guardsmen, in Georgia and South Carolina, will also face furloughs, through the very heart of severe-weather season. The literal bottom-line for civilian-staff and Guardsmen is a three-month, 20% pay-cut, due to a purely- political, budget-reduction charade called sequestration.  Charade because, despite our 17-trillion-dollar national debt, the callous spending by imperial-D.C. continues.  Persistent and pervasive Fed-waste, not to mention out-of-control food stamp, disability, and other dependency-funding.   

Our nation's defense-capability was first hit with 500-billion in 2011 Budget Control Act cuts, then hit with a purposefully-lop-sided additional 500-billion from sequestration; a combined, ten-year, trillion-dollar cut-back.  If Congress allows this political theater called sequestration to continue, America's military capability and readiness, and thus national security, will be negatively-challenged, amidst the dangers of terrorism and persistent conflict.  Time to get our priorities straight, meaning comprehensive defense of our nation and borders, by cutting, instead, the rampant waste and redundancy, the obesity of our regal big-government, not by pure window-dressing, slim-down on the backs of DoD civilian and Guard personnel.




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