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Beaufort Co. Animal Shelter continues to take in more animals


Social media has become a useful tool for the Beaufort County Animal Shelter. Hundreds of pets have come through their doors since the Fourth of July. The shelter has been using sites like Facebook to help get the word out about adoptions.

Tuesday was adoption day for one kitten at the Beaufort County Animal Shelter. It's the second cat the Chapman family has adopted from this shelter.

"Our cat's name is Tripod, just like a three-legged camera holder. Trip for short," said 10-year-old Jessa, who probably gets her love for animals from her mother, Diana.

"I've had cats my whole life," Diana Chapman said.
After noticing that the shelter was running out of cat food on their Facebook page, Diana Chapman immediately stepped in to help.

"I bought a bunch of food and dropped it all off so the kitties can have full bellies. Then, we adopted two," she said.

The Chapmans are big fans of animal adoption.

"It's better and it keeps animals from being put down unnecessarily," said Diana Chapman.

But as one animal leaves, there are plenty more in need of good homes. The Beaufort County Animal Shelter took in one of its largest groups of animals at the start of the month -- 72 dogs and cats in two days. Since then, the shelter has received 160 more animals. 

"This is one of the most recent puppies that just came in," said Antwon Dailey, animal care technician.

Daily says the weather has a lot to do with it.

"It's not really that normal because of all the rains and stuff that's still going on and the thunderstorms. We still have a lot of pets that are getting loose," he said. 
Fortunately, the community is responding in a big way. More than 100 animals have been adopted, reclaimed by owners or transferred to another facility. 

Dailey says the best thing owners can do is to have their pets microchipped in case they run away or leave them indoors.

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