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Students sharpen skills with virtual summer school program


School may be out for the summer, but that doesn't mean the learning stops for Beaufort County students.

Nearly 2,000 students are sharpening their math and reading skills through the county's virtual summer school program.
The program is helping to keep students engaged and it's also helping to improve their test scores.

It's interactive and interesting. 
Students such as 11-year-old Jasmine Smalls realize that learning can be fun. With a pencil in hand, she's tackling fractions, multiplication and division through the Compass Learning Program. 

"I like it because it helps you over the summer because some people, they don't learn over the summer, they just forget it and stuff," Jasmine said.

She has participated in Beaufort County's virtual summer school program since it started four years ago.  

"When we started, there was about 900 students, and we're up to almost2,000 students this summer that are participating. Compass Learning does give them activities based on what their individual needs are," said Chrissy Robinson, director of Educational Technology for the Beaufort County School District. 
And those needs are far reaching. 
If students don't have access to a computer, the district has teamed up with several community organizations to provide one.

"Really, it's a win-win situation," added Robinson.
On Wednesday, students from the Penn Center's day camp practiced their math and reading skills at St. Helena Elementary School.

"Coming here and having the opportunity to use these computers to continue their education is very, very vital," said Walter Mack, executive director of the Penn Center. 
Students including Jasmine are benefiting the most from it.

"I'm improved a lot, more than last year and the years before," she said.  

The Beaufort County School District is working to supply refurbished computers to some of the community organizations. 
The virtual summer school program is for students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

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