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Beaufort considers regulation for sandwich board signs


Beaufort city officials are talking about regulating sandwich board signs for local businesses. 

The signs are all along Bay Street, promoting many of Beaufort's downtown businesses. These type of signs consist of two boards and a hinge at the top that holds them together. They stand at about waist high, but can be different heights. They are displayed on sidewalks to grab the attention of foot traffic. 

Right now, there are no regulations put in place for these signs.

The means the signs can be any size, any kind of material and placed anywhere. That's exactly what the city seeks to change with a new ordinance.

In the proposed ordinance, the signs can be no more than 3 feet tall, they cannot have vendors' names on them and they cannot be placed in the middle of the sidewalk.

Most business owners on Bay Street say they have no problem with the proposal. They say the regulations will keep downtown beautiful.

"I get what they're trying to do and we'll follow the rules. These signs bring in a lot of business for us. I just hope they don't ban them," said Michael Stavac, of Luther's Pharmacy.

The city also discussed making businesses apply for sandwich board signs. The City Council will have to sign off on this ordinance before it becomes law. 

Officials plan to discuss the proposal at the next City Council meeting in August. 

Savannah is also looking to regulation sandwich board signs. A committee has been tasked with coming up with a list of recommendations for sandwich boards. Once that list is completed, the Savannah City Council will vote on it.

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