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Savannah Riverkeeper Organization warns of debris, fast current


Water that has been released from the floodgates up stream is starting to make its way to the Savannah area. The Savannah River is already seven and a half feet above flood stage. It current sits at about 18.6 feet.

The Savannah Riverkeeper Organization tells WTOC that one thing people along and on the river need to be aware of is large pieces of debris flowing down the river.

"Any people that normally ski and boat along the river, they need to take precautions. They're going to get area where there's big debris maybe full trees maybe even houses or docks that have been torn away,"said Bubba Strickland, a co-chair of the Savannah Riverkeeper Organization.

Other warning including the high waters and fast current. People who are on the river for recreational use should use caution, especially inexperienced kayakers.

John Schleicher, a kayak guide with Sea Kayak Georgia says safety first, but for experienced kayakers the high water's will bring a new adventure.

"You'll actually be able to go right across the marsh. You don't have to follow the creeks. The only thing you need to be careful of is don't get caught in the middle somewhere when the tide goes out," says Schleicher.

And while there is a lot of concern about the rising rivers, the Savannah Riverkeeper tells WTOC it will benefit the river's ecosystem by flushing out any contaminants.

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