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Soldier sentenced in death penalty case

Pvt. Isaac Aguigui Pvt. Isaac Aguigui

A soldier who prosecutors say was the founder and leader of a militia group pleaded guilty Friday in a death penalty case. 

Prosecutors said Pvt. Isaac Aguigui was the founder of the group Forever Enduring Always Ready. He received a sentence of life in prison without parole, according to the Chatham County District Attorney's Office. 

Chatham County Assistant District Attorney Isabel Pauley was at the Long County Courthouse to negotiate a guilty plea. 

Several Fort Stewart-based Army soldiers were part of the group. They had discussed bombing areas around Savannah such as Forsyth Park and their ultimate goal was to overthrow the federal government and assassinate President Barack Obama, according to the district attorney's office.

The group was uncovered as part of the investigation of the double murder case of Pvt. Michael Roark and Tiffany York. They were murdered to keep Roark for revealing FEAR's plans, according to the district attorney's office.

"It initially started off as a conversation for a punishment, something along the lines of a good beating, maybe take him out to the woods and like she said, rough him up a bit," said Aguigui.

Their bodies were found by a fisherman at Morgan Lake in Long County in Dec. 5, 2011.

"As soon as they had parked their vehicle, he approached on the passenger's side. As she opened her door, he fired one shot point blank," said Aguigui.

Aguigui was also charged with the July 2011 murder of his wife Sgt. Deirdre Aguigui and their unborn child.

In testimony, a Georgia medical examiner said she was struck on the head and struggled violently with handcuffs on her wrists before she died.

The defense claims Aguigui came home on July 17, 2011, and found her dead after choking on food. 

There are separate status hearings scheduled for Friday for two other Fort Stewart soldiers, Christopher Salmon and Anthony Peden, pertaining to Roark and York's double murder case. 

"I don't believe that I will ever have closure. Every day I wake up and think about my daughter and how she is not here. I know it has been about 19 months but it seems like it happened just yesterday," said Brenda Thomas, York's mother.

"Every single day I think of Michael and I think of Tiffany. They are somewhere better, they are somewhere that we aren't," said Tracy Jahr, Roark's mother.

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