Preserving Your Child's DNA

You've no doubt heard of fingerprinting your children for identification. Maybe you've even had it done; however, what about testing their DNA? A Savannah car dealership offered free testing to parents this morning.

The test is called the DNA LifePrint Kit. It's endorsed by John Walsh, host of "America's Most Wanted." Walsh's son Adam was murdered after he was abducted from a Florida shopping mall.

The test is considered to be even more accurate than fingerprinting. To do it, a cotton swab is rubbed against the inside of the child's cheek for a few seconds. No blood is taken and the test doesn't hurt. The swab is then placed in a fixative solution and placed in a vial for parents to keep. No record is kept on file by law enforcement authorities.

"We had a large turnout," explained Ken Myers of Fairway Lincoln Mercury where the testing was made available on Saturday. "A lot of folks have been coming out to get their kids DNA tested. It's something you can keep on file for a long time and it's invaluable for identification in the future."

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