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Editorial - 7/22/13

Since time flies, and memories fade, when you're fighting for freedom against those who despise it.  November 5, 2009, a U.S. Army officer opened fire on Fort Hood troops processing for Afghan-deployment, killing 13, and wounding 32.  Travesty #1:  This traitor should've been booted out of the military years before, due to his known radical-leanings. Thanks to the nation's PC protective-lunacy, he wasn't. Making his rampage-enabler: political correctness.  Travesty #2: This self-gratifying wad of organic-matter is just now coming to trial, almost 4-years after the premeditated-slaughter, thanks to the relentless abuse and ridiculous pace of the justice system.  Travesty #3:  Our government refused to label that carnage what it was: a terrorist attack by an Islamic-extremist. Instead, D.C.'s sissified political-types ruled it "workplace violence," as if some unhinged-guy shot-up the place because his fries were cold.  Thus, those wounded at Fort Hood were denied combat-benefits, despite being savagely-attacked by an enemy-agent, on a major military-installation, during a time of war. Clearly, Fed-concern for the fragile-feelings of others, over-shadowed the critical-needs of our own.  Then, this final, related travesty: By Fed policy, though jailed, this traitor has continued to draw pay, nearly $300,000 worth, while his victims have suffered without their due.  

Horrid anywhere, mercifully, this terrorist act wasn't committed on one of our coastal installations.  This slug has already admitted his Taliban-inspired, pre-meditated murders.  All that remains is for the military-jury to determine whether he gets the sleepy-time shot, or a life-sentence at tax-payer expense.  Instead, what we should, actually be hoping for, is crispy-fritter-time, courtesy of an unreliable, electric chair, named "Sparky."


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