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Kingston weighs in on issues facing Congress

U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston

Immigration reform is among the unfinished tasks on the 2013 Congressional agenda. 

The Senate passed a sweeping bi-partisan immigration bill last month, which includes a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. But the Republican-controlled House doesn't like it.

U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston was in Savannah on Monday and offered his view on what he thinks Congress should do to improve immigration. 

"Pass something that secures the boarder even tougher, letting the border patrol actually police the border. Plug the holes in the fences that have been left there for animal migration. And then also have electronic verification for people who are seeking employment. That way you know if they are legitimate or not in terms of their eligibility," Kingston said.

House Speaker John Boehner said he thinks the bill is too big and would rather tackle the issue on a smaller scale.

The Senate is expected to vote sometime this week on student loan rates.

The bipartisan compromise is expected to change the student loan program to tie it to the financial market and stop loan rates from doubling, which happened July 1.

Kingston said Congress will do something about the issue.

"What you want to do is make sure education is affordable, but also not drive the debt deeper. So trying to find that balance is sometime a challenge," he said. 

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