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Repairs needed for Screven County pond, road

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Herbert Jacobs plans to replace the dam on an 80 acre pond. He said he has no choice.

"The pond is the irrigation for our turf and produce. We have to have water on them," he said.

Jacob told WTOC the repairs to the dam and the pond could begin next week. However, he figured, the work could cost him twice as much as the whole pond cost 36 years ago. Likewise, land owners have new state and federal environmental regulations to follow that weren't around back then.

"We're gonna build it back to the specifications for soil conservation and whatever else we have to. We probably won't put a pipe back in, we'll probably put a suction that won't ever happen again.

The dam broke last Saturday after hours of heavy rain and one of the wettest summers, so far, on record. The pond poured millions of gallons of water across Georgia Highway 17 and through channels all the way to the nearby Ogeechee River. That water brought another surge to a river that was already at or above flood stage.

State crews have spent the past week repairing the highway, replacing pavement and tons of dirt washed toward the river. They expect to finish the repairs by the end of next week.

Even if the repairs to the dam are done as quickly, it will take much longer to refill the pond.

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