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Two new movies set to film in Beaufort Co.

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It's been more than a decade since Beaufort county shared a piece of the Hollywood limelight. But that's about to change as Dollywood is coming to Beaufort. Two new country films are set to begin filming in the area as early as next month.

On Tuesday, the stars of two upcoming movies that will be filmed in Beaufort gave a sneak preview of what we can expect to see in the films.

"Route 65 Nashville" and 'My Brother, Your Outlaw, The Waylon Jennings Story' will be the first movies filmed in Beaufort county this century.

"We haven't had a major motion picture shot here, not since 1999, so this is big. We fought hard to get the new film incentives passed, the South Carolina Film Bill just went into effect this month so we're looking for big things to happen," said Ron Tucker, President/CEO of the Beaufort Film Society.

"Route 65 Nashville" is about singers and songwriters who dream of making it big in the Music City.

"There's a lot of songwriters up here, a lot of musicians, a lot of people who've been through a lot of years of chasing this thing in action and it's not easy," said singer and actor Bobby Cyrus.

Beaufort native Haley Davis landed the starring role of "Kelli" in the film.

She will share the screen with big names like Naomi Judd, Stephen Baldwin and Darryl Hannah.

"I think it's an awesome opportunity for Beaufort to get all this exposure, I'm just excited, I'm just still a bit starstruck by all these people here," said Davis.

Executive Producer Barbara Terry says she already feels embraced by the Beaufort community and can't wait to repay the favor.

"Hiring people, bringing millions of dollars to a town, hiring talent, hiring crew, giving local businesses extra revenue that to me is a great thing to be able to give back," she said.

"And one of the cleanest economic development pieces we can have is the film industry. From a tourism standpoint, a film can bring 90 minutes of a backdrop and that's marketing you can't really pay for," said Robb Wells, Tourism Division Executive, Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Filming for "Route 65 Nashville" starts in August and lasts for eight weeks. It's got a budget of $7.2 million. And at the beginning of the year, filming for the Waylon Jennings story starts. There are no figures yet on that one.

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