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Bulloch deputies STEP further into community


Residents in some rural parts of Bulloch County may notice patrol cars more often in their areas, thanks to a new plan by the sheriff's office.

The sheriff's targeted enforcement patrols, or STEP, rotates a team of three deputies in areas that have seen a higher number of incidents or complaints.

"We wanted some more enforcement in different places: Clito, Nevils, Portal, Eldora, places that we couldn't be all the time because of the number of calls, serving papers, court, and everything else," explained Sheriff Lynn Anderson.

The deputies patrol the highways and neighborhoods of that region, looking for warning signs of trouble. In their first six weeks, the team has arrested 119 people: 51 of them have been drug related and 33 have been for felonies. Some of those arrests begin with something as minor as spotting a seat belt violation or a broken windshield. If the deputies find no outstanding warrants or other issues, the stop may result in a simple courtesy warning.

"It's not about writing tickets or running radar. It's about getting out in parts of the county and talking to people, business owners and hearing their concerns and letting them know we're out there," the sheriff added.

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