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Editorial Salute - 7/25/13

Savannah and Hunter Army Airfield are proud to be the home of the 3rd Battalion of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), more commonly known as the "Night Stalkers."  These are the expert ground maintainers and aircrews who transport, via combat-helicopters, special war-fighters, to execute sensitive military missions.  The Night Stalkers, as the name indicates, fly at night, no matter the weather or the danger.   

Soldiers of the our 160th  Battalion have been continuously engaged in combat operations since October, 2001,  As such, given the terrain and enemy-combatant risk of dark-of-night operational demands, the price to be paid when flying into active battlefield-environments is a high one.  Since  activation, at Hunter in 1989,  20 brave Night Stalker soldiers have given their lives for America and freedom, some in training; most in direct combat.

The Night Stalker Hero Memorial of Savannah Foundation was formed to fund construction of a lasting memorial, in tribute to the ultimate sacrifice of our Hunter-based fallen.  The groundbreaking took place last month.  What the Foundation really needs, now, is further support-funding from individuals and organizations, within our viewing area, and beyond, who truly value, and wish to help memorialize, the service and sacrifice of these brave soldiers.  Please consider a tax-deductable financial-donation and/or purchase of tribute bricks.  Full information is available at the Foundation's website: savannahherosoar.org.  Join with us to honor Savannah's own.

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