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New EOC in the works for CEMA


The Chatham County Emergency Management Agency has two Emergency Operations Centers, but CEMA Director Clayton Scott said that neither is sound enough to withstand anything worse than a Category 3 storm.

"In the event of a storm, we have got to have somewhere that we can come to that we know is survivable or be in a place thats survivable," Scott said.  

For the last five years, a new EOC has been in the works. While the land has not been secured yet, the plan is to put the new facility at Hunter Army Airfield.  

"It's the only ground, we can find where we can get high enough that we know can withstand storm surge," Scott said.

The facility will be about 35,000 square feet located at the old Tuttle Army Clinic site on the installation. According to the architects on the design team, it will be sound enough to withstand extreme conditions.

"In a word, it's concrete," said architect Scott Barnard. "We can make thicker, bigger, stronger walls out of concrete for less money than anything else. Then we're going to dress it up."

On Friday, CEMA and the architects will present the current designs to the county commissioners.

"We have coordinated with all of our partners in the emergency management field, all the municipalities, all the county departments, the state to determine what our requirements are and to design a building and to design a building that will meet those requirements," Scott said.

Scott said the project would most likely be paid for by SPLOST funds.

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