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Editorial - Retransmission Consent Negotiations with DISH

This message is directed only at those WTOC viewers who watch us via DISH satellite.  Please note that, on July 31st, there's a chance our signal will be removed from your DISH viewing options, if our parent company, Raycom Media, is unable to reach a negotiated agreement with DISH Corporate, permitting their continued delivery of WTOC and CBS programming to you. Federal policy mandates that such an agreement be in place, subject to periodic negotiated renewal.  Note, too, that Raycom Media is conducting this business-negotiation with DISH, on behalf of, not only WTOC, but all of Raycom's  over 50 owned-or-operated TV stations across America.    

 Be assured that Raycom is making every good-faith effort to reach a fair agreement with DISH, so that your ability to receive WTOC and CBS programming remains uninterrupted.   Should the two companies not be able to come to terms, by or before July 31st,  DISH will no longer be legally able to deliver WTOC or CBS programming to those of you residing within our 20-county, two-state, officially designated TV coverage area.     

For DISH subscribers, a reminder that you do have reception choices.  WTOC has agreements in place with other cable and satellite providers, and our signal, if course, remains free and available, over-the-air, via antenna.    

 If you'd care to call DISH to express your concern about possibly losing access, to the WTOC and CBS programming you're paying for, you can reach them at 1-800-823-4929.  Or, as always, you can respond to this editorial, with questions or comments, by contacting Editorial Feedback at wtoc.com. 

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