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DeKalb police car involved in T-bone crash


A T-bone accident involving a cop car sent two people to the hospital, including the officer.

It happened in DeKalb County at the intersection of Candler and Glenwood Avenue.

Police on the scene said they didn't know how the accident happened - if somebody ran a red light or if they just weren't paying attention. Police wouldn't even say whose fault it was, but we do know it created a huge mess and sent both drivers to the hospital with moderate injuries.

Shequita Carter works at the Churches Chicken on the corner where the accident happened. She said it all started with a loud boom.

The loud boom was the cop car hitting another white car, pushing it through a crosswalk post and out of the intersection.

"It looked like it was about 50 to 60 feet from the point of impact," said DeKalb County Assistant Police Chief James Conroy.

Witnesses said it was how the white car came to a stop that really made things interesting.

"The white car was on its two side wheels, then it hit the wall and there was another big boom noise. That wall actually stopped that vehicle because it was on two wheels and sliding at the time it collided with the wall," said Carter.

And she said it's a good thing it did hit the small brick wall on the corner of the intersection.

"That's what stopped that car from going into the building once it hit that wall," said Carter.

Once the accident was finally over, witnesses said there was no movement in either car and that's when innocent bystanders turned into first responders.

"A lot of people did step up and helped out before police and paramedics arrived," said Carter.

CBS Atlanta asked police how fast the cars were going and Conroy said that's still part of the investigation, but people who work and live in the area said speeding is a big issue, even among the cops.

Carter said when you consider the intersection has bus stops on all four corners and there could have been any number of pedestrians walking at the time of the accident, things could have been a lot of worse.

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