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Police: Father, son tackle jewelry store robber in parking lot


Alpharetta police said one man is in custody and another is still on the run Tuesday night after he and accomplice attempted to rob Sabri Guven Fine Jewelry in Alpharetta.

Sabri Guven, the owner of the store, and his son, Tony Guven, said that two men, possibly of European decent walked into the store at about 5 p.m. and asked to look at an expensive diamond ring. As soon as Sabri Guven showed the men the ring, they ran out of the store.

"He pushed my dad down," Tony Guven said.  "He was trying to grab the diamond, my dad ran after him and got him back down here, and when he pulled out the gun, I came outside and tackled him down to the ground. And we both laid on top of him."

During the struggle, Sabri Guven was head-butted and had a minor cut on his forehead. Tony Guven said once he saw the gun it was a fight for their lives.

"He was trying to point it at us and we grabbed him and just pushed the gun up in the air," Tony Guven said. "I was just smashing his hand to the ground. I had to pull his hands away and get it loose."

The family said they have been in business for 33 years.  In that time, they've been robbed 12 or 13 times.  In each instance, father and son said they fought to protect their store.

"Every time we caught the guy, we never let him go," Tony Guven said.

Sabri Guven said he thanks God that they weren't hurt during the struggle for the gun.

They have this message for the remaining robber.

"He is going to be caught no matter what," Tony Guven said. "They [police] have plenty of proof on you so don't even try to run it will make it worse."

A witness from the store also ran over and grabbed the handgun from the suspect, according to police.

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