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Veterinarians: Use prescription flea treatments


Local veterinarians say the combination of heat and humidity has created a bad flea season. Veterinarians at Case Veterinary Hospital recommend treating your pets with prescription flea treatments. 

"Talk to your vet. Consult with them about whats best for your pet because the prescription products are not only going to work better but theyre a lot safer," said Dr. Carla Case McCovey, the owner of the hospital. 

McCorvey said that because of the climate and conditions, people in Savannah need to treat their pets year round. "One thing that's very important about Savannah is while we do have a flea season, where fleas are more prominent or more bothersome for us, we never really have a time where we can go off flea control," she said. 

Veterinarians say both oral and topical treaments can be effective. If you use topical treatment, make sure the medicine gets on the skin and that your pet can't lick it off.

Doctors at Case said to splurge on the more expensive medicines because the cheaper ones can be dangerous. 

"You want to be extremely careful with over-the-counter products. It's very tempting to run out, especially in the middle of the night, and get something. But they really aren't safe," she said. 

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