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Witnesses testify in Lowcountry man's murder trial

Kelvin Jackson Kelvin Jackson
Joyce Loadholt testifies on the first day of the trial. Joyce Loadholt testifies on the first day of the trial.

It's a trial two years in the making. A long wait, too long for Masko Miller's family and friends.

"I just couldn't work because I hadn't heard from her," said Joyce Loadholt, a friend of Miller. She asked if she could leave at 11 to see what was going on. 

Loadholt tried to fight back the tears as she recalled that early May morning in 2011 she discovered her friend was missing. 

"When I pulled up in the yard, her car was there, so I got my cell phone and I called her before I went to the door," said Loadholt. "And when I called her I still didn't get no answer, so I went knocking on the door." 

And, no answer, Loadholt told the jury. That's when she went to Hampton City police. 

A few days later, Loadholt got the devastating news. Miller's body was found floating in the Broad River. 

Miller's family cried as they listened to the testimony. 

Kelvin Jackson is charged with Miller's murder and is on trial for her death. He revealed no emotion. Just like the day he learned Miller was dead, according to witness, Clarence Wrice. 

"For the mother of his children being missing, [he was ] nonchalant," said Wrice. "He seemed nonchalant." 

Wrice said that he and Miller were dating when she died. Prosecutors said Jackson knew about that relationship and that's what drove him to kill Miller. 

The defense said there's no evidence of that. 

"The solicitor has the burden of proof. It must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt," said Jackson's lawyer Virgin Johnson. 

Johnson said the state will not be able to do that because he said there is no proof that Jackson killed Miller.

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