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Sinkhole nearly swallows tow truck in Lexington


A tow truck driver had an interesting day on the job on Tuesday when driving through an intersection in Lexington County. He ended up driving right into a sinkhole at the intersection where Highway 378 and US 1 meet.

"I felt my back end go, heard a bunch of screams around me," said the driver, Adam Rooks. "I didn't know what was going on. It scared the crap out of me."

Rooks works for Schroeder's Towing. He said he was hauling a tractor when his back tire began to sink into the road.

"It looked like the truck was going to completely tip over," said Rooks. "It was carrying about 8,000 pounds on the back and the truck weighs 17,000."

Luckily it didn't tip and after an hour another tow company was able to help pull Rooks truck out. Rooks says it didn't look like a sinkhole, but something else.

"It was just a fill job," said Rooks. "There was nothing underneath it. The only thing that was supporting it was hot asphalt, it was just like liquid."

However, it's still unclear what caused the big hole.

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