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Africanized honey bees attack in Peoria


Multiple bee attacks - three total - within a month have prompted city officials in Peoria to issue tips and reminders to residents of how to avoid and evade swarms of bees.

Africanized honey bees went after two people on consecutive days last week. The affected areas were separated by a couple miles, so the attacks do not appear to be related.

The most recent attack happened at a horse boarding stable near 81st Avenue and Thunderbird.

"They attacked him, they attacked his horse and three other horses," says Sue Henley who boards her horse at the stables. "They just swarmed on him. There was a massive black mass of bees that came at him."

The manager of the stable noticed a few horses were being stung so he sprayed a type of fly spray on one of the horses.

"What it did was make them swarm. It did the opposite of what he thought it would do," said Henley. "It was very scary."

A man allergic to bees was attacked while working on a rental property one day prior to the incident at the stable.

"Old man got stung, the daughter came, got the mother and took him to the hospital, but he's home now. He's ok. Slightly stung," said neighbor Roy Fries.

A few weeks prior to that incident, a massive hive in this mobile home park was destroyed.

Africanized bees carry less venom than other types of bees, but they attack in swarms inflicting much more damage.

"I've lived here all my life and I've never seen anything like that before," said Henley. "The horses were running all over the place, it was really frightening, really frightening."

A statement issued by the City of Peoria Fire Department advises people to stay at least 50 feet away from an active hive.

The statement warns that Africanized bees will chase you up to a quarter mile. This type of bee will hover and wait for you if you jump into a pool in an attempt to escape their fury.

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