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SUV full of children flips into Baldwin Park home


With its big, old oaks, on-street parking and one-way roads, Savannah has plenty of intersections where drivers inch out, hold their breath, press the gas and pray.

Friday night, a pickup truck rammed into an SUV full of children in one of them, sending that SUV rolling into a duplex at the intersection of Price and 40th Streets.

Police still are looking for the pickup's driver, who left the scene on foot. Officers say he ran a stop sign on 40th Street and broadsided the SUV as it traveled south on Price Street.

None of the several children in the SUV had serious injuries, but a man who was in the vehicle was taken to Memorial University Medical Center by ambulance. He was badly hurt but conscious.

Grey Bullock lives in the apartment upstairs and was in the shower when it happened. He heard a loud boom and ran outside.

"When I came out on the porch, I just saw two cars, and one of them was almost rolled over onto my front porch," he said. "The beam on the corner of my porch was just split in half. People were just crawling out of the flipped over car. And I saw one guy just kind of walk away from his truck, and the cops don't know where he is now."

Neither officers nor witnesses could provide a detailed description of that driver early Saturday morning.

Saturday, residents got the chance to assess the damage to the duplex, built in 1930

They say they're getting too used to wrecks at this intersection. Across the street, metal shores up a light pole that neighbors say was damaged in another wreck.

Mike Labombard also lives in the duplex.

"This corner, for whatever reason, has had a handful of accidents since we've been in the house," he said.

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