106 year old fulfills dream of hot air balloon ride

106 year old fulfills dream of hot air balloon ride

ELLABELL, GA (WTOC) - Ella Passmore, of Claxton, just turned 106 years old and to celebrate she wanted to fly in a hot air balloon.

"It was just something I had never done before and I wanted to try it," said Passmore.

With the help of Touchstone Energy and Coastal Electric that dream became a reality. Early Tuesday morning, Ms. Passmore, got to fly above the earth with her granddaughter Jami Miles.

"It's something that we will share and have and not many people can say that," said Miles.

The flight was tethered so she was able to go up and down multiple times with multiple different family members.

Cheri White has flown balloons for years and Ms. Passmore is the oldest passenger she has ever taken up.

"She was so peaceful, but she had tears in her eyes and then that made my eyes tear up. It was just so exciting to see someone so happy about the experience," said White.

She has it in her head that everyone is old except her. We will visit her in the nursing home and she will say, "I don't like being around all these old people," and we would say, "well, grandma you are the oldest one here," said Trey Bragg, Passmore's great grandson.

After they rode in the hot air balloon, Passmore got to go for a ride on an old war helicopter.

"I really enjoyed the copter ride, you can see a whole lot, it was just wonderful," said Passmore.

The family then had a big breakfast and a cake.

When asked if she wanted to go skydiving her answer was simple, "I will have to think about that."

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