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Statesboro gets hit with sudden flash floods

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Plenty of rain fell in a few neighborhoods Tuesday night, but way too much in Statesboro.

It was wet and waist deep in some places after a sudden downpour produced flash flooding along U.S. Highway 301 and the main gate to Georgia Southern University. Some flood waters were so high they covered the entire wheels on some cars and trucks.

Throughout the evening, flood levels dropped significantly as all the water looked for a place to go.

A lot of people were waiting for the dry-out to start before they attempted to start their cars. The flash flooding reached dangerously close to engines and made maneuvering through the roads along Chandler Rd. outside the Georgia Southern campus impossible.

Flooding filled parking lots and even rose to the doorsteps of people in nearby apartments who watched with disbelief as the water got higher and higher.

"When I looked out the window again, half the tires on my van were gone. Then four minutes later, all the tires were gone and the water was halfway level with the top of the van," Amelia Smith told WTOC.

The sudden downpours started around 4:15pm and ended just after 5:00pm, and no significant damage has been reported or any major accidents. 

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