Editorial - 8/12/13 - WTOC-TV: Savannah, Beaufort, SC, News, Weather & Sports

Editorial - 8/12/13

Well, it was a frustrating nine-days for a whole lot of folks in Dish-land, both at the corporate level, the station level, and certainly for WTOC's DISH viewers, who were treated to over a week's worth of exciting, substitute TV from an independent station in Chicago, rather than local-area news and weather, especially with an eye-to-the-sky, for watches & warnings, at this storm-intense time of the year.  As the saying goes, life is what happens when you were planning other things.  Certainly the case last week, as feelings were expressed, by phone and email, and we, here, made every effort to respond, personally, to those concerns with, we hope, a clearer understanding of the situation, and its complexities, from the Raycom Media perspective.  

On behalf of the entire station team at WTOC, we thank you for your patience-under-duress, and your lasting-loyalty.  We do understand that emotions were heightened, due to your long-standing viewing-allegiance to WTOC, and the substantial role we are privileged to play in your daily lives.  And we simply can't thank you enough for that, and for keeping up with us, in the interim, when possible, via our live-streamed newscasts at wtoc.com, our mobile app, and even with over-the-air reception by antenna.  And we thank the great majority of you, subscribing to other providers, whose service was not interrupted, but who had to endure those informational- announcements intended solely for our DISH viewers.  Thanks for your patience, as well!  And, now, with that signal-disruption resolved, we can all get back to concentrating on what matters most in our lives: good health, family, friends, faith, work, and the critical concern for, both personal and national, security, and freedom.

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