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Keynnard Campbell - WTOC Super 11 All-Star

Keynnard Campbell Keynnard Campbell
Jonathan Mauk Jonathan Mauk

SAVANNAH, GA - Bible Baptist quarterback Keynnard Campbell was the 2012 WTOC Offensive Player of the Year.  This year, he starts off as a WTOC Super 11 All-Star.

He is an unstoppable offensive force who is a dual threat when he takes the snap.  He can beat you running or passing but when he goes to college he will play defense and explains why, "Since I like defense better, I believe I'm a better free safety than I am a quarterback.  I like defense better, I like getting interceptions and taking it back, and hitting people."

Braves' coach Jonathan Mauk adds, "His true position in safety because he gets off the has and he causes some trouble for teams."

But Campbell is an outstanding offensive threat that defenses have not answer for.  In the SCISA State championship game last year, he had a total offense of over 600 yards, almost equally divided between running and passing.  He accounted for 7 touchdowns and a couple of 2-point conversions.  He talks about where he has to improve for the Braves to be able to move the football better, "Just make better reads this year.  Pay more (attention) to my line, my offensive line, and depend on my receivers more than I did last year." Mauk said, "But, most of all, he's a tremendous competitor and he's going to make himself better just because when the Friday night lights come on he's going to play his best football."

Campbell has been playing for the Braves since he was in the 8th grade and now that he is a senior he will have a lot more team responsibility, "He's at the top where he's a senior leader and it's time for him to take the leadership role and take it to another level," said Mauk.

The season is just around the corner and it will be fun to watch Campbell to see if he can lead them to another championship.

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