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Angry parents lawyer up after bus issues


It's been a bumpy ride for students, parents, and First Student Bus Services in the first week of school in Savannah and Chatham County.

A number of complaints have been filed into WTOC via email and FaceBook, and Savannah-Chatham Public Schools are getting those calls too.

Some parents are so angry they've hired lawyers after a few incidents only two days into the school year. For some of these cases, parents say it's not just a matter of working out the bus route schedule, it's plain old common sense.

Two parents say they have hired a lawyer after their five year-olds were dropped off two hours late at a bus stop six blocks away and a few streets over from their homes.  After 30 minutes of searching they say they found the little girls after a friend spotted them crossing 37th street heading towards Victory Dr., the opposite direction of their 31st and Waters Ave bus stop.

The two mothers were beyond angry and afraid of what would have happened to their children if no one noticed, and if the bus driver hadn't admitted to letting them off the bus so far away.

Similar situations have been reported by parents who say the bus showed up late, or not at all, in the morning and had dropped children off as late as 7pm.

The district admits that first week bus issues are nothing new.

"Anytime you are moving more than 20,000 students & 300 buses on the road, and 354 bus routes, clearly you will have some operational challenges, and we did. Our goal and what we want is every student to get to school safe and on time, and after school to get home on time and safe," said Kurt Hetager, SCCPS spokesman.

The school district says it is teaming with First Student to look at every issue reported to them to solve the problems and make sure they don't happen again.

Some parents that are lawyering up aren't willing to wait, and say they fear for their children's safety.

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