Editorial Salute - 8/15/13

This is a story of courage and commitment, core requirements for success in our military, but especially so for one very dedicated and determined United States Marine.  Gunnery-Sergeant Gabriel Guest is currently the highly-regarded and respected Advanced Machine Gunners course, chief-instructor, at Camp Pendleton, California's west-coast Marine School of Infantry.  Certainly a proud accomplishment for Gunny Guest, but nothing too out of the ordinary, until you realize the many surgeries and months of rehab he endured, after an IED in Afghanistan shattered his leg, resulting, eventually, in amputation, after repeated medical efforts, and hope, to save it.

Due to the impact of a decade-plus of continual-combat, felt by of all five of our service branches, the Marine Corps developed its Expanded Permanent Limited Duty Program for seriously-wounded Marines who want to remain in the Corps.  This allows these combat veterans to pass along their advice, skills, and experiences, in an effort to help keep other Marines as safe as possible.

As reported by American Forces Press Service, Gunnery-Sergeant Guest reflected on his significant injury:  "Once someone loses a limb, it makes them appreciate the little things in life.  It makes them understand how limited humans are, but it also lets them know how endless the potential is."  That potential made endless, and preserved as such for us, by the service and sacrifice of combat-veterans like Gunny Guest, his contemporaries, and the generations of courageous American men and women who've boldly and unselfishly stepped forward to defend our security and freedom since 1775.