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Tree crashes onto East 37th Street home


The continuous rain for Chatham County has caused damage in many areas, and relief from the rain is not in the forecast.

Just Tuesday, a massive tree fell on the back Deanna Jensen's home. "The whole house was shaking. It didn't sound like thunder because there wasn't a clap, but it was like that," Jensen said.

Jensen, her husband and her 3 year old were all home when the tree fell. The tree put a hole in her attic and come dangerously close to her 7 month old's bedroom where he was sleeping.

"Not until later did we realize how close it came. We're just so grateful our children are safe," Jensen said. 

Chatham Emergency Management Agency said the constant rain has saturated the ground, making it easier for trees like this to fall. But if the storms bring gusty wind that will make things worse. 

"These water oaks - the roots are only 6 inches deep, but when the ground floods, you've got a tall tree and they'll blow over. Any wind at all, they can blow over onto roofs, onto cars, on to people. That can be quite dangerous," said CEMA Director Clayton Scott.

With a lot more rain in the future, the Jensens said they feel fortunate they were able to get the roof fixed quickly. 

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