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Tra Hardy - WTOC Super 11 All-Star

Tra Hardy Tra Hardy
Lee Chomskis Lee Chomskis

Tra Hardy is our 7th player in the WTOC Super 11 All-Star.

He's an all-around performer who is one of those players who just does whatever it takes to win a game, no matter what sport. Hardy has been playing for the Indians since he was a freshman and starting at cornerback the last two. Last season as a backup running back, Hardy carried the ball just 42 times, but picked up 313 yards and scored an amazing 9 touchdowns.

He also returns kicks and can be explosive. "I like to return kicks because it shows what you really can do because if someone is coming down field at full speed you have to make a move to make him miss in order to get a big return," said Hardy. "So, I'd rather go one-on-one so I could try to make a move in the open field, but if the move's not there just get as many yards as I can."

Coach Lee Chomskis adds, "You know, I think he's just a playmaker and it doesn't really matter what side of the ball he's on. He seems to rise to the occasion, the bigger the moment, the bigger the play that he makes."

Coach Chomskis says that Hardy's biggest strength is that he isn't afraid to work to get better, "He's always in the weight room working with our guys. He's one of the leaders there, he's the leader on the practice field, he works hard. When we're running sprints, he's winning. He's so competitive in everything he does. He always wants to be the best at whatever he chooses to play at the time."

Hardy talks about what he wants to improve in his game this season, "Well, I've got to become a better blocker, have to block for the quarterback, you know, got to catch a few passes. Got to do more than I'm doing now just to make myself better and make the team better."

The 5-9 Hardy wants to play college football next season with Charleston Southern and Middle Tennessee as possible destinations. He thinks defense will be his game at the next level, oh, and returning kicks, "Just a few, just a few."

By the way, he also starts on the basketball and baseball teams for the Indians.

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